Окт 24

Such methods which one increase personal power engineering concern to methods of protection with percept change and teleologically strenghten skew field containments. In this case an information highway directed on a dec. of "the informational frame" pertsipienta, interacting with defensive structures of the person, undergoes certain conversions which one take out the destructive directivity or modified an activity space vector.

To limitation of this method of protection concern: 1) impossibility of an anticipation of the moment of an offence; 2) existences personal "an energy output limit" containments; 3) necessity of constant paying of attention to a state of an energy potential of containments.

A considerable quantity of manifold procedures the part from which one has been featured in system of psychotraining of the healer is elaborated for percept change. Harmonous enough classification system of types of an offence and protection has been elaborated in occult West European practice [135]. Ground this operation for the first time published in 1930, there are various modifications which one are applied today. More low we will try to give the joint classification of methods of protection with object change:

I. Creation of shields:

A. The containment [52,53,154]: to sit, arms with the tangled setpins to suppose on knees, legs together, knees and foots densely are pressed to each other. To cover eyelids or to look in one point. To breathe rhythmically. Promptly to do some times mental breath, concentrating a prana in an abdominal brain. Then it is rhythmic, two-three times to radiate weigh its store in an environment, simultaneously fancying, as round a skew field the egg-shaped energetic testa will be organised. To try not to think that else drew recently your attention, occupied your thoughts. Mentally to listen to voices in a brain — if they still remained, boost density of aura sending of an additive amount of a prana, having approached it to a skew field. On some time give psychics in a passive state (release consciousness).

The containment organised thus is artificial consolidation superficial "pull bands" individual biofield. Being consistenter the reticulated formation, than an energetic charge of an offence, the jacket does not allow it to penetrate for the limits.

B. If there is enough time for making of stronger mental protection, apply a method of the gyrating containment [19,52,55,71,76,79,95].

C. "Egg" [19,52]. To experience at level mezhreberja in front, behind and sbokov at arm’s length four warm yellow-green peas, i.e. the cross lying in a horizontal plane with a shaft, transiting on skew field centerline is gained. At cross gyration the ferrule which one is easy for transmuting into the egg environmental your skew field will be organised and not spinnable to any negative actions to penetrate inside. Egg walls very dense, biofield stratums namytyvajutsja against each other about one minute. Jackets can be monochrome, two-colour (imagined). It is desirable to apply colours yellow-green, blue, orange. Was very relevant legiblly spatially to feel all activities. The same creation, but begins with a central pea of yellow-green bloom at brain centre at level mezhdubrovja, remaining four on some spacing interval from a skew field at the same level [55,76,79].

D. Protection by "cross". To environ itself from different directions crosses, having allocated them closely to a skew field. Slowly, with an effort, since a head to remove from itself crosses for spacing interval to 1 metre. To compare the state before and after otodviganija crosses, to experience, as they become stronger and will organise a unit.

E. Mental creation of a protecting apron (bricky, stekljan the, water, mirror) through which one no energetic charge can transit [19,20,52].

H. Mental creation of a sacred icon between attacking and a victim [95].

II. Closing of a characteristic biofield

A. A crossing of arms and legs in talk to the person from which one it is possible to expect nuisances [19,52].

B. A ring. Major and index setpins of one arm are bridged with major and index setpins of other arm, forming a ring, three remaining setpins are superimposed against each other [19].

C. Ring nesting. At first major and index setpins of one arm will organise a ring and it is inserted to a palm of other arm, then major and index setpins of the second arm will organise a ring and are inserted to a palm of the maiden arm. This cycle is iterated three times. Usually after the third time fulfilling reception feels round itself heightened density, apparently, that something pinches a head. Nested rings not only close the loop biofields of the person, but also several times compact it [19].

D. Imperceptibly for associates to contract setpins into a fig. This reception closes the loop biofields.

E. Mental focusing on finger tips of arms, legs, and also a nose and tongue [55,76,79].

H. Mental creation of a flower, for example, rose-trees [128].

G. Mental ground connection of and port discovery on a cosmos, dropping through itself a considerable quantity of energy [128]:

1) to Ground itself and to enter in a trance;

2) to Discover in the aura the districts radiating healthy, vibratile, pure, yellow-green energy;

3) to Hoist energy in remaining districts of a skew field so that it matched to high energy of these healthy districts. It is necessary to convince itself that energy rises, when you command to it. Then you can hoist it so highly as it is necessary;

4) Cause energy to circulate on the charkas and aura, and then bend down forward and will quit a trance.

F. Protection against vital offences emotional purity and mental clearness — recitation [55,76,79,135].

J. Playing sports, dances, intense fascinating activity, a cold shower [55,76,79].

I. The Ritualistichesky formula, activity, a mantra [55,76].

III. Other forms of protection

A. Creation of the of "the energetic phantom" [76]. To introduce the phantom, to smooth down the attacked place, to heal; to occupy mind with process of reading or speculation.

B. Vtiranie namagnetizirovannyh salves with the strong bipolar activity in field mezhdubrovja [55,76].

C. Pression of the crossed arms on an abdominal brain with concomitant abbreviation of abdominal muscles [76].

D. To succeed the customary response characteristic of a biofield [55,76].

E. To eat sidetracking nutriment (morozhennoe, a pepper pod to drink strong coffee, etc.) [55,76,79,128,135]. At process of digestion the blood surges to a maw and the reaction threshold of energetic centres is sharply increased. Centers "are closed down".

G. To substitute arms under a jet of cool water alone and to introduce as pathogenic energy from an organism it is entrained with a flowing about flow.

Classification of methods can be built on other categories, for example: concentration, meditative, ritualisticheskaja protections; the blanket energetic, local energetic; active, passive etc.

It is necessary to mark that it is not recommended to apply the active backstrokes on biopolnye an offence. It is not necessary to reduce itself to level attacking and to answer with harm harm, multiplying that it. As occultists consider, shock not achieved the object is returned to the radiant and attacks it.

Ritualistichesky processes on a selfdefence (poplevyvanie through the left arm, a percussion in wood subjects, etc.), can be transmuted quite often into obsessional activities, i.e. create a pathological majorant and pavor of constant persuit if sacramental is not played back. Therefore is better to apply or a meditative method of protection, or protection with change of the subject of perception.

Protection with change of the subject of perception.

Protection with change of the subject of perception is nadlichnostnoj protection when the person realises the participation in group power-information structures. Realising itself as a system part which one total power nonmeasurably exceeds a characteristic energy potential, and entrusting to this system protection of the structural elements (including as structural element), psychologic perception of the person considerably changes the ratio to a capability of the lesion by means of mental offences. Such generalised psychoenergetic biofields are termed as egregors.

From the point of view of hospital gomeostatiki, an egregor is the group consciousness generalised by overall aims of a surviving: it come from professional work, konfessionalnoj a fittings, related connections, a nationality, statehood and, at last, a specific fittings. For personal protection it is most often used egregors related and konfessionalnye (i.e. religious). For magnification of protective action of an egregor the person mentally appeals for the help and protection. For example, reversal to this or that sacred in that system of convictions in which one felt by the yielded person, prayer pronouncing, soborovanie, partaking, etc. About egergorah full enough is written at V.S.Averjanova [1] and D.L.Andreeva [3].

Good reception of the strong protection against any mental offence is absolute antiprotection [55,79]. Antiprotection this complete disbelief in existence of a capability mental and biopolnyh energetic offences. Such disbelief psychologic stabilises, preserves connections of the neural ensembles which are responsible for processes of compensating and adapting at level of a cerebral cortex. But the strongest and it is very rare an accessible method of protection against any biofield action the complete and absolute opening, opening in such level is that the person is not involved in processes of interplay of information highways is vital, mentally. At this level there is the complete understanding of a situation without its extreme attending. This so-called complete "nedelane" "uncritical introspection", razotozhdestvlenie with all event in out of.


The logic of evolution of the modern management science has led to understanding of necessity of existence of the contradiction, zalozhenogo in a principle of creation of systems prerabotki to the information, any organizational level alive. In spite of the fact that the philosophy from the most ancient times intoned constructibility and necessity of interplay of opposites, as the parent of driving, developmental development of systems as overlapping of high responsiveness and simultaneously fastness, the science could include this principle only in the end of the twentieth century. Tryings of understanding of fastness and viability of organisms, their adaptiveness to the significant oscillations of an external environment always stirred mankind. In the end of the nineteenth century the understanding has come that such properties are acquired by system through a special method of architecture of the creation. A.Bogdanovym has been elaborated the peculiar theory of systems. In an initiation and in the middle of the twentieth century in this direction Bertalanfi and Anokhin separately from each other worked. Their operations have attracted great attention of scientists. For creation of the difficult engineering systems and understanding of principles of their control the recent trend which one based on a bottom of understanding of laws of creation of systems alive — cybernetics was offered to N.Vinerom. Nevertheless inertia of the scientific thinking working within the limits of "a beautiful" postulate that "any system is inconvertible and viable only when internally is not contradictory", largely restrained and restricted making of safe management systems. Thus why that always was implied that the interior contradiction in system necessarily works destructively on vitality of system. And in too time learning of operation of management systems in alive, ensuring a homeostasis, created feel of a wrongfulness of the intoned principle of consistence. Feel it was until it was possible to create the formal apparatus adequately featuring constructive contradictions. Researching properties of the model built on the formal apparatus, it has been marked that the model behaves as the alive system maintaining the homeostasis. Such model has been termed by the infinitesimal homeostat. Property of homeostats to "stick together" among themselves a various fashion and thus to prolong to save a homeostatic principle of control, has given the grounds to speak about a homeostat as about a life functional unit, along with life base unit — a cell.

The full-scale investigations led by the author on dynamics of keeping up of a store of the contradiction system and its response to value of a sharpness of the contradiction originating at change of environment, have taped property of alive homeostatic systems to answer change of living conditions by two-phase response. In the maiden response phase when a sharpness of the contradiction between the information on environment and its model sharply increases, the system compensates a sharpness of the contradiction at the expense of a store of the contradiction which one is always maintained as some excess of energetic and plastic matters in system, and at the expense of a contradiction store transfers to other activity level, adequate to a new ratio exterior and internal environments. The second response phase consists in recovery of the spent store of the contradiction which one as transitive oscillating process routinely flows. And the frequency spectrum of oscillations depends on an initial phase, the moment of originating of a sharpness of the contradiction [118].

Development of the notional apparatus of alive homeostatic systems (the chapter II) has led to concept of "free will". Concept which one many millenaries stirs minds of mankind. It has appeared that "free will" is property of any level of architecture alive, for which one prilozhimo concept of integrity.

"The free will is a capability of a homeostat to switch inputs qualitatively miscellaneous information highways without loss of property of integrity."

In the same chapter requirements of passage of the quantitative join of the functional subunits in new quality integra-ivnogo the whole are considered. It is pointed that properties of join of homeostats possess fraktalnostju. The gear of the functional simularity of all systems of the Universum on a homeostatic principle of unity of rehash and information implementation creates a unique premise for knowledge of all laws of evolution of the Universe up to the moment of originating of primary duplicity.

In the chapter III various levels of architecture alive on stands gomeostaticheskgo an operation principle are considered, since intracellular gears and finishing all aggregate of populations of a planet. Certainly, it is the maiden trying of such reviewing and it cannot envelop all conceivable singularities of individualities of the alive. Nevertheless, such approach appears rather constructive as many regularities taped by a science earlier, not only are naturally laid down in the homeostatic circuit, but also give the chance to foretell the yet not taped regularities and to connect among themselves separate facts and life phenomena.

In system of hospital knowledge the homeostatic approach is not only a methodological principle with which one help it is possible to regulate and produce convolution huge faktologicheskogo a material accumulated by a canonical science. Gomeostatika as the direction which one learns purely informational interplays in administrative processes, allows to consider that accumulated practical material on treatment by uncanonical methods, for which one material information mediums, corrective an organism state while are unknown or insufficiently learnt. Nevertheless practical application of uncanonical methods in many events yields good therapeutic effect and when officially recognised methods are not effective or dangerous complications to health. Learning of physics of these appearances finally will lead to making of instruments and the systems recovering health on new principles of depositing of the information in an organism.

The person as the multiple-purpose information system, can itself, changing the internal performances, to cause understanding ignored before the information and tselenapravleno to oscillate such information highways which one stabilise a homeostasis of other people. Development of these qualities is contributed by various experts of state transition of consciousness thanks to control of internal state of organs and systems. Therefore hospital gomeostatika on the basis of all aggregate of the facts accumulated by miscellaneous directions of medicine, physiology, psychology, biophysics, etc., is that science which one possesses the apparatus for probe of all heterogeneous informational processes.


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(Bahramov A.H., Kupchinsky O.A.Probuzhdenie. — TH.: Association "Public health" Inter-vesy.1991. 181 with.)

The thin power generation of the person terms aggregate of all channels, energetic points and centres which one "are allocated" in an organism. They are a footprint of satellite beam of the thin world in our skew field. Attacking this footprint of satellite beam, we launch certain energetic processes in the thin body that involves, finally, the applicable detrusions of physiological processes on the physical plot.

Yogas select three principal ports which one transit through seven energy levels — charkas (see the circuit on fig. of 1 application I).

The central port (Sushumna Nadi) transits along a vertebrae from coccyx to a head vertex. Other two ports are allocated parallely central and transit on left side of a skew field (Ida Nadi) and on right — (Pingala).

Teaching of the ancient says that the main drive, force and which one energy we exist also which one there is a parent of our creativity in life, the desire is. "All starts with desire in this or that form and it is impossible to be saved of it if not to slay him by and by", — learnt Guatama the Buddha. To live, it is necessary to have desire to live to create

- Desire to create to love — desire to love. In a word, energy of desire is incentive which one can launch, include energy of activity. Our emotions are non-realised desires.

"… The Desire constitutes secret of life of the world… It — a bottom of any process, incentive to progress… The Desire is more than thought… It is the connection cementing existing with nonexistent." (S.Radhakrishnan. The Indian philosophy. ").

Energia of desire is massed in the left port termed as Ida Nadi (the lunar port, "Tha" on a Sanskrit).

Until this port saves the activity, the person has a desire to live. When energy leaves left side, you cease the existence. In the space plot the yielded energy personifies a feminine, on the Chinese nomenclature in-qualities, such as softness, compassion, intelligence, intuition etc. Our emotions, our mood, our tendencies are proper in the left port, dreams and dreams are born in this port. It is possible to tell that the left port stipulates psychics of the person. All our infraconscious activity is massed in the lunar port, the Superego, allocated in a right side of a brain with some offset to an occipital part (actually on layout almost matches to the right hemisphere) is more correct in its most top hamper. The Superego field together with the left port stores memory of the past of the specific person, that is the information on its antecedents and consequently according to karma laws (fates, fate) predetermines to some extent capabilities of implication of various properties of the person in true life, and also gives a behaviour select in the various situations created besides by karmic laws. During the separate moments of life the Superego field is capable to be hooked up to the collective past of all mankind also. Thus, the left lunar port is the past port…

That the desire could be performed, certain force or energy which one is capable to convert the desire act to the activity act is indispensable. Such force or energy of activity, is massed in the right solar port ("Ha" on-sanskitski) which one is termed as Pingala Nadi. Unlike the left port, right personifies a machismo, and jan-qualities, such as predilection to the assaying, contest, aggressiveness are proper in it. The solar port stipulates our cerebration is the side which one creates by means of which one we think and we work, we work and we plan the future, thus we use the physical skew field and intelligence. Thus, the right port is active, creating the future while left it is non-thrusting and bases on the past. In the top hamper, on the left side of a brain of Pingala Nadi will organise field termed as the Ego (matches to the left hemisphere). Our logic, our realisation of as I am caused the Ego.

The performed desire should be consolidated; on the basis of attained in the present the person makes the following plots and activities, thus there is an evolution. To past reachings the drip behind a drip something new so change of aircraft attitude is committed every instant is added. The third port Sushumna Nadi is the port of our spiritual change of aircraft attitude. Climbing in the spirit of guesses climbing on port Sushumna through all energetic centres. As a result the person acquires collective consciousness and is capable to reunite with a radiant of all knowledge accumulated in development of Uniform Spirit — with the pristine radiant of all real and then all cleft factors of life are united in a unit. As we know from the developmental teaching, each reaching in life of the individual, having qualitative character in development of a specific type, is anchored generically and further becomes property of many and many breeds of the yielded type. The similar situation is watched and in spiritual change of aircraft attitude. In port Sushumna there is a tearing in the field of the second and third energy level (see the circuit). This tearing will be abandoned at the expense of energy of Kundalini… Energija Kundalini is in lower chakre, in the bottom of a vertebrae in a triangular ossicle (sacrum) in the sleeping state, contracted in 3.5 twists, in expectation of a suitable capability for arousing by the implemented person. It is alive energy, it possesses various properties and one of them is all information on the one to whom it belongs, that is about us. In unusual situations she can wake up spontaneously and then the person acquires unusual force. But in customary life arousing of Kundalini wears casual and a temporality. The Yoga essence consists in clearing this energy and to use it wherefore it belongs to you, it — your property, a part you, as well as other organs. The purpose of arousing not only restoral of your destroyed health (though also it too), but primarily energy use of Kundalini for a heaving of an individual on new level of consciousness…

In a thin power generation of the person ports Ida and Pingala match at physical layer to the "left" and "right" sympathetic excitatory system, port Sushumna of the parasympathetic. In physiology practically there is no sharing of sympathetic excitatory system on the right — and left-side. However it is necessary to perceive that the Yoga speaks about spiritual aspect both sympathetic, and parasympathetic excitatory system. In particular, it is considered that the parasympathetic excitatory system on spiritual gets into gear only after obtaining of implementation and a heaving of Kundalini. Before it does not work…

The central port Sushumna Nadi is the present…

Fig. I.1. A thin power generation of the person (circuit):

1. — Muladhara; 1а. — Kundalini; 2. — Svadhistan; 3. Nabi; 3a — Vojd;

4. — Anahata; 5. Vishudhi; 6.-Agni; 7. — Sahasrara. On an insertion correspondence of setpins and districts of a palm is demonstrated charkas.


Kundalini, rising on the central port Sushumna, intersects on svem trajectories six energy levels and, being stabilised on seventh, termed Sahasrara, ensures passage of Vsepronikajushchej of an Energia of the Cosmos to port Sushumna. Thus the person as though transits again some developmental phases…

On the physical plot seven energy levels — charkas introduce with certain fields of a human skew field and envelop the organs which are in an orb of their influencing. The yoga special marks correspondence of layout of charkas to those levels of an organism on which one glands of endocrine system are allocated… Everyone chakra has the label, the bloom, day, a planet and a certain amount of lobes which one match to functions and properties of specific energy level. Everyone chakra as the receiving detector, it is adjusted on the certain wavelength, on the certain frequency of energy.

Muladhara. Muladhara the lowermost centre, is allocated in the base of a vertebrae and matches to a pelvic plexus. "Mule" is meant by a root which one represents Kundalini, and "dhara" means "leg". It as though a root of all alive system of an organism. Muladhara chakra is a going into svjashchenyj a temple of soul human and, only having stripped, it is possible to enter in this temple. CHakra has 4 lobes and is responsible for internal purity, chasity and wisdom. At its lesion secretory organs, sex glands, in blanket everything connected to this orb suffer affliction. A footprint of satellite beam of Muladhary to an arm — the palm base (fig. see).

Svadistan (svadhistana). Svadistan chakra it is hanged up like the companion on a cord to Nabi chakre and moves round field of Vojd, yielding a support to its feeble bands of 10 lobes which one symbolise 10 precepts. When Kundalini rises for the first time, it transits Nabi chakru, then chord-wise to Svadistanu to educate this centre and is returned in Nabi. Chakra Svadistan matches to neuroplex of a ventral aorta. An amount lepeskov — six.

Nabi (manipura). The ten-lobe centre corresponding to an abdominal brain. This centre is responsible for a complex of moral conduct of the person. Nabi chakra matches to a character of Weights and is responsible for physical health, habits and behaviour. In the event that the person is beyond certain moral regulations, it injures to centre of Nabi.

Vojd (central chakra). Vojd is a room between Kundalini and a vagus nerve of parasympathetic excitatory system. It represents the ocean of creation saddened by a fog illusions (Maya), that air void which one parts our consciousness from the Absolute in a continuance while we are in neposveshchennoj phases. It is all room and a time from an initiation of creation to the culmination of our change of aircraft attitude in human consciousness contains two centres — the Suns (Surja) and Moons (CHandra). Vojd it is framed by the higher driving of Svadistana round Nabi charkas.

When Kundalini rises and spacefills in Vojd, our attention quits confusion and Maji in consciousness of the higher reality.

Anahata. A dvenadtsatilepestkovyj lotus. Anahata — heart centre. Unlike our submissions, the Yoga in the practice implies existence of three aspects, as though retention of three hearts: left, medial and right.

Medial heart — very relevant centre of security of the person, yields feel of hardening. At a lesion of this centre there is an angina pectoris (stenocardia), an asthma. If owing to loneliness, misunderstanding from people, pavors, prejudices the person tests negative emotions, this centre and then there are all these illnesses is attacked. A footprint of satellite beam to an arm

- A little finger.

Left Anahata is that part of heart where the Atman, or in Russian Soul is. It sosredotochie lives, the essence of ours "I". When Kundalini rises and fires heart is concerns to its left part. On the circuit you see as though tongues of flame. But so the fired heart looks only. In a customary event, in it the feeble spark only glimmers.

Right Anahata — this centre is responsible for those qualities which one are closer to a machismo: qualities of the citizen, sense of conscience, a debt, lead, the law and order.

Vishudhi (vishudha). The Sixteen-petal lotus on a cervical plexus damage. On the physical plot its expression is the thyroid gland. When Kundalini transits Vishudhu, we are released from sense of the property and emotional affection. We start to concern to another uravnoveshenno and sostradatelno. Here it is allocated sosredotochie our speech and generally lines. At a lesion of this centre often originate ORZ, illnesses of a front part, a habit spasm, skin diseases of the person. At centre of Vishudhi there are 16 lobes, 16 various tongues of an alive flame, each of which matches to one of 16 sounds of a Sanskrit. At this centre the radiant of mantras is. Moreover, the perpetuity or a unification of all displayed physical world here is. Its embodiment is the aether filling all room which one is a dialogue means in the physical world. In a skew field here there is a feel of cool chatterings. A footprint of satellite beam to an arm — an index finger.

Agni (adzhna) chakra. A two-lobe lotus. On a site matches to "the third eye" or strobiloid gland. Though it is considered self-supporting chakroj but as it is a going into of Sahasraru chakru it is simultaneous as that Sahasrare belongs also. It is considered also that two laterals are intersected in this chakre though actually they are intersected in an Anchovy allocated at level of a bridge. Agni chakra the fallow of opposites ministers for recognition of duplicity of the world: truth-falsehood, good-harm, Etc. Spirit is above. At level of Agni charkas our change of aircraft attitude is almost completed. We need to make completely only itself in the Spirit instruction to display pledged in us from a birth a pleasure potential.

Sahasrara. Sahasrara — "tysjachelepestkovyj a lotus". In Sahasrare all system of charkas is integrated. Everyone chakra takes the place here and here the Divinities in Virata (the Displayed Cosmos) are allocated. When Kundalini attains Sahasrary, lotus lobes are unclosed and there is an enlightenment (samadhi). You can feel powerful oscillations round a head and flows of cool chatterings following them from fontanel field. You now begins vibirovannoe consciousness. As Kundalini bridges our individual consciousness with universal (ecumenical), atma and paratma, we unexpectedly become adjusted on an ecumenical surge of chatterings. These chatterings are spread in the Cosmos, but before implementation while we still are in egg, we do not know about them anything.

Окт 13

(The accident prevention of the healer)

Now it is possible to point three systems of pathogenic convictions which one admit a capability of a mental offence [55,79]: national (in it such pathogenic convictions circulate, as for example, "evil eye", "spoil induction"), occult ("astral plugwires", "ljarvy", "involtatsija") and biopolnuju ("telepathic action", rays "," energy bundles "," charges of the negative information "etc.).

There are three forms "protections against another’s biofield" — with percept change, with change of the subject of perception and a speed key from two maiden [19,55,76,79].

As it was already pointed above, psychologic the person selects three main jackets, enclosing a skew field. The intellectual jacket most tightly flanks, further follows emotional, and it — "energetic". In this model the hierarchic order of "proximity" to of jackets is spotted by a level of our natural identification with them. Lightest the person razotozhdestvljaetsja with that part of which one constitutes an external world part — with the physical skew field, "a physical jacket". If needed the person usually can without special watch transactions the skew field. More difficultly razotozhdestvitsja with an emotional jacket and very rarely it happens to a mental skew field. In such events outwardly it looks as a loss of consciousness.

Under the conventional circuit of modern pseudoscientific biopolnogo comprehensions of the gear of implementation of a noise in operation of systems of an organism the offence happens as follows:

"When the aggressor sends a possible victim a negative charge on purpose to inflict a lesion process at first flows on most exterior of jackets — energetic. A negative charge is implemented in this jacket and causes sharp violation of its energy balance, its desynchronization of" dynamic spatially-wave structure ", strain of its"primary structure"etc. Pertsipient subjectively endures this event as slope of a blanket psychophysiological tonus, sense of blanket wilt, a breakdown; if its responsiveness is developed enough — as particular feels in various fields of"body scheme"endured by it, t.e.v so-called" centres "or" charkas ".

Parallely with it there can be a decrease of an emotional tonus that is interpreted as a lesion of a vital jacket. And if looking up of the parents of the state is shorted on model exterior purposeful or an accidental exposure from other subject there is a lesion and an intellectual jacket. If at appearance of this thought there was an internal fright it is possible to consider that the offence was successful, the purpose is attacked. In a brain the negative majorant which one creates perfect conditions for development of any diseases [55,79] is created. That usually happens in "lokus minoris resistencia" — in a place of the least resistance of an organism.

From the homeostatic point of view as it has been demonstrated above, this psychologic gear of implementation of "negative charge" is one of the relevant and indispensable devices of a conditioning of performance of action on the subject, but not unique. Parallely with it the destructive information in lower layer homeostats really can be implemented. However, if the higher is not involved associative level, performance of a destructive charge will be insignificant. The highest level of homeostatic adjustment connected to mental experiences, will be korregirovat lower layers, stabilising through control of biochemical information mediums, offset of arguments of control, vyzyvannyh field carriers of "negative charge". Performance of the negative action will depend on level or levels on which one "negative charge", and an action time is addressed.

Окт 9

Organism as the fractal information structure, possesses interoperability with exterior information highways at each level of the integration. As we already spoke, a pathology of a homeostat of any organizational level is such informational interplay which one diminishes a free will of the yielded homeostat and, as consequence, to some extent diminishes a free will of all hierarchic net of homeostats. We will resemble that the free will is perceived as capability of a homeostat to transfer from one informational input to another without loss of the integrity. Each level of architecture of homeostats has a miscellaneous amount qualitatively excellent informational inputs. For some intracellular homeostats it can be a unique biochemical informational input, for a cell of such inputs the flock and so on on the increasing is more narrow. The organism as a whole has wide enough, and till now still completely not learnt, a spectrum of the informational inputs.

If at level of the elementary modelling homeostat interference free feature problems are well worked [33,117] real processes in alive systems in many respects remain still "terra inkognita". Problems of reliability and fastness of operation of systems of an organism consider the various fine-bored purpose-built sciences, engaging everyone the level: biochemical, genetic, cytologic, physiological etc. up to psychosomatic, social. The theory of biological adjustment considers while simple special cases of fastness and reliability of operation of those or diverse inter-systems where it is possible to draw analogies to engineering devices. The uniform idealised system enveloping all levels of architecture of alive systems, it is not created yet. Gomeostatika, learning only gears of rehash of information highways in apparatus of implementation of the information, instead of structural singularities of these apparatus, is that foundation on which one such blanket theory can be in details elaborated.

When the system of recovery of a psychologic or psychophysical homeostasis of an organism intuitively is plotted on homeostat operating principles, how practice has demonstrated, it becomes widely applicable in a company, despite apparent unscientific nature and entering of the particular notional apparatus. A vivid example of such methodology is dianetics driving Rhone Hubbard [136]. Its operations are issued tirazhem more than 100 million the copies translated on more, than 30 tongues, have dispersed worldwide. The author classically adheres to methodology of homeostatic reviewing of a problem. At first the room of the purposes of alive system is stated ("persist"), further — dynamics of policies of goal achievement (their four), then are considered gears of strategy implementation and origins of pathologies accompanying them. The most relevant, as is a dianetics ultimate goal, — policy and tactics of removal of pathological implications at psychosomatic and mental levels of consciousness according to the tendered understanding of gears of their originating is shaped. The major success of dianetics is connected by that she does not demand special hospital and that psychologic knowledge who practices it, but at practical usage of its methods at home level is effective enough.

According to morphological structure of homeostats, carriers of information highways will be miscellaneous material quality. If to eliminate those events when energy of the carrier works destructively on structure of a homeostat at the expense of power, instead of informational content, contortion reguljatornyh homeostat functions will be will be spotted only by the absorbed information. For further review we will regard only interplay with the information on field carriers.

The contortion gear reguljatornoj functions can be various (approximate, farly deficient classification):

At intracellular level:

- Genetic (violation supressii genes of controls of specialising cells);

- Biochemical (violation of equilibrium of catabolic and anabolic cycles);

- Biophysical (violation proton and an electronic admittance, gears of the ion equal balance),

At cellular level:

- Membranous properties of interplay with a cell surrounding;

- Suspending at miscellaneous phases of specialisation of a cell;

- Change of a spectrum of is real-power streams of a cell;

- Mismatched changes of phase responses of activity in a time of intracellular processes;

At histic level:

- Violation of processes of recuperation;

- Processes hypo — and hypertrophies;

- Processes of substitution of one cell populations on others; on an organ level:

- Violation of processes of an epigenesis;

- gipo and hyperfunction;

- A desynchronosis of histic populations of an organ; at system level:

- A teratogenesis;

- Violation of processes of compensating and adapting;

- A desynchronosis of operation of organs and systems of organs; at organismic level (for the person):

- Violation of adequacy of creation of model of environment of a reality;

- frustratsii (mismatch wished and real);

- asotsialnost;

At population level:

- Disturbing ecology in the nature (antiejku-mennost);

- Pathologies of subpopulation interplays (war).

Regulation processes at levels from intracellular to systems of organs are stabilised by the material carriers of the molecular character and consequently field carriers play a restricted role in jump reguljatornyh arguments. In offset reguljatornyh arguments the field carriers of the exterior information influencing structural architecture of bound water (hydration jackets) and response characteristics of fields can play a certain role, is resonance dislodging frequencies konformotsionnyh oscillations of macromolecules that leads to change of tertiary structure and for rearrangements in quarternary to structure. Examples of such influencing solar activity variations, the gravitational changes connected to lunar reversal, diurnal variations of an electromagnetic spectrum in environs of the Earth [10, 25, 48, 83, 155, 156, etc.] can minister.

The most relevant for the realised feels of the person are nejrofiziologicheskie processes of creation of models of perception of the exterior and interior environments — the processes basing on dynamic models of neural ensembles of the associative cerebral cortex. Here there is a synthesis of all models which one introduce all subjacent homeostats on hierarchy to uniform model which one yields us feels of continuity and unity samoshchushchenija the I, despite all changes happening in an organism and out of it. It is attained by pliability of connections between homeostatic units of a hypothalamus, limbic system and a bark both on horizontal, and on erect correlations. And, than above on hierarchy, the evoljutsionno integration level, the above dynamic properties of homeostatic ensembles is younger, that the larger weight for them is acquired by more and more abstract signal form of the information.

Changes of feelings of the person can originate from three radiants:

1) the physiological; 2) psychosomatic (emotional); 3) the mental. All three forms spot unity of the person and a method of perception of the Universum. This troichnost unities cannot be for the person interchangeable on any one or on two remaining. To all forms troichnosti vzaimopronitsaemy for each other only giving thanks to their complete qualitative self-stand and consequently possess the complete mutual transmittance. Born in out of on the Universum, they in the abstract form shape troichnost perception of forms of God and troichnost scientific thinking — "matter-energy-information".

Objectivity of knowledge of laws of the Universe — apparent objectivity, despite tryings of "purely" instrumental probes. The assaying and synthesis of receivable results in a final analysis happens at level of dynamics of the higher associative connections between homeostatic units of a cerebral cortex and, hence, are filtrated by a triple fashion that screen about which one it was told above.

Modifying directionally the physiology, we change the form of perception of an external world. Directionally changing an emotional state, we also change the running perception of the world. Changing a paradigm kosmogenezisa we also we change methods of perception and interplay with the world. We allot with objectivity of properties of the world such qualities of our perception which one as it seems to us, do not depend on changes of our states on all to three ipostjasjam persons.

According to three forms of the person originally considered three thin bodies of the person: astral, vital and mental. They mirror the informational qualities of physical, emotional and intellectual rooms of the person. Further the esoteric logic of this idea has been routed on selection of more thin qualities (7-9-13) and, accordingly, enterings of additional jackets of a skew field of the person and world rooms: physical, off-the-air (energetic), astral (vital), mental, karmic (causal), intuitive, nirvanas, an integral skew field of the Absolute, etc. [4,53,20,52,86,126, etc.].

Understanding of the standings set forth above about attitude a problem razedinennosti the main philosophical thought "substance-consciousness" in many respects takes out.

V.Nalimov [85] solves this problem through capability to plot characters, special convolution (coding) of the information. In its interpreting dvuhzvennaja the formula becomes trehzvennoj: "substance-sense-consciousness" also is inducted special semantic room of each individual where senses of the same concepts at miscellaneous individuals are not identical among themselves. Integrally each concept is the probability population performance on a dial of semantic continuum. Such submissions are close to homeostatic modelling creations of self-realisation of the person and the world.

All material considered above yields us a bottom for understanding of gears of activity of methods of the mental protection which have been worked out in practice. Finally all of them are brought together to stabilising of a certain mosaic of module neural ensembles of the associative cerebral cortex of an individual so that to dilate a free will both somatic, and psychologic orbs in the field of the positive emotions in the conditions of real or inferred destructive action on an organism. For the higher homeostatic level the abstract model of the environment formed on the real or inferred real justification, equally launches gears of setup of a status model of an interior environment. Differences for lower layers of a net of homeostats consist only that some of these nets can gain or not gain additional information streams besides the highest level of gomeo-static control.

At level of consciousness object and the subject are drained off in one; the subject of perception and an appearance which one he perceives, become same [41,142].

Окт 5

(A mental selfdefence)

Safety issues of the healer undoubtedly are a massive problem of all who ever practically was interested in this activity. The literature assaying on healing has demonstrated that in this or that form approximately 60 % of operations select the special sections, protections of the healer concerning problems. 18 % of operations are devoted only to this problem.

Practice has demonstrated that hazard originates under certain conditions which one omission reduces or to loss by the healer of capability to lead biofield correction of other people, or to serious illnesses of the healer which one, according to the victim, are a consequence of its unreasoned interplays both with patients, and with other subjects.

Сен 30

Method maiden [99]

The nasopharynx heating non-contact action of both arms is recommended. Further index and medial the energy flow is as though directed by setpins to a nasopharynx and washs out it.

It is led 9-10 passov. Energetic pump of lungs and their subsequent heating is led.

Method second [74]

The active arm is at a base of skull (under the maiden neck vertebra). In such standing the patient lies fixed within 10 minutes. Easly breathes a belly. An Energia of a right hand is pumped in in an organism.

Removal of painful syndromes of maxillofacial field [93]

The pain caused by such diseases as caries, a pulpitis, an initial phase of an acute periodontitis and a pain at various localisation of inflammatory processes of a mucosa the oral cavities wearing acuity, are taken out as follows:

- We sink a flow of "pure" energy and it is crisped round the patient clockwise to a visible uniform fog;

- From ""a pure"" flow the blue bundle is selected and directed to points of an acupuncture of ages-men TR21 and pond scums-gun IG19. Mentally we advance this bundle to a sore point, boosting it before pain termination.

As a rule the pain transits in 15-20 secs, but at first it is required, was possiblly, more a long exposure.

Not acute, but the durating pain caused by purulent inflammations, such as a peaking of a chronic periodontitis, an abscess and a phlegmon in an initial stage, the furuncle and an anthrax in maxillofacial field, is taken out as follows:

- We sink a flow of "pure" energy;

- From ""a pure"" flow the yellow bundle is selected and directed to a point of tunas-tszy-ljao VB1 as the main and in points sy-baj E2 and yes-in E5.

At such action of the patient feels heat, a light strutting and a warm pricking. The pain gradually starts to remit and transits in 1-3 minutes. After pain removal it is necessary to lead basic disease treatment (a purulent inflammation).

Inflammation removal begin usually that remove excess of pathogenic energy a pulling method. The most abundant methods are: gyration by an arm over the inflamed place counter-clockwise and tripod signal creation over a sore point with emitting from its peak of a flow of "dirty" energy. At the second method all operation should be made under protection of the fired candle, and at its lack during a session it is necessary to incinerate a "dirty" flow mentally.

At beginning purulent inflammations lead two-three sessions. If the good medical effect expressing in reduction of pains, decrease giperimii, the fractional or complete removal of a dropsy of soft cloths, in improving of overall health of the patient treatment can be prolonged is watched. In the absence of medical effect after two-three sessions of the patient it is necessary to direct to the stomatologist.

At acute inflammatory processes energetic action to make only in the maiden days from a disease initiation!!! Treatment in more serotinal periods can cause complications. Adjacent tissues that will demand a surgical intervention will be involved in inflammatory process and can threaten life of the patient.

At diseases of a mucosa of an oral cavity the painful attack has fixing character. Pains are not intense, originate usually in nutriment time of receipt, at talk, swallowing (at various motions of a mimic musculation). In a quiet state the feeble stretched or aching pain is felt. Treatment it is led as follows:

- We sink a flow of "pure" energy;

- From ""a pure"" flow the red bundle is selected and directed to points of sou-ljao VG25 and chen-tszjan VC24. We achieve pain removal after that we begin action on causal chakru. After power engineering normalisation in chakre it is initiateed with treatment of domestic implications of disease.

Stomatitis (disease of a mucosa of an oral cavity)

The stomatitis, as a rule, is caused by energetic disbalance in manipura-chakre. At data link layer it is connected to violations in the maw port. At a catarrhal stomatitis trend IN (i.e. an energy disadvantage) dominates, and at aphthous and jazvenno-nekroticheskom trend JAN (i.e. excess energy) dominates. In connection therewith it is necessary to select treatment: at syndrome JAN to take away energy, and at syndrome IN to add. At a catarrhal stomatitis treatment it is made so:

- We sink a flow of "pure" energy;

- From ""a pure"" flow the yellow bundle is selected and directed to a point chen-tszjan VC24 and symmetric concerning its point yes-in Е5. Action it is extendable 3-5 minutes, there will be no yet a caumesthesia and a light numbness in a mouth.

At aphthous and jazvenno-nekroticheskom a stomatitis pathogenic energy beforehand is drawn out, and then the same routine is made.

At a glossitis (tongue disease) it is involved manipura-chakra, but entrainment in process and anahaty-charkas is is possible. The channel pathology has no accurately expressed semiology. Entrainment in process of channels of an urinary bladder, a gallbladder, a lien, buds is is possible. In the beginning we carry out preliminary treatment on charkas, then it is initiateed with treatment:

- We sink a flow of "pure" energy;

- Depending on causal charkas the yellow or green bundle is selected and directed to points of pond scums-gun IG19, chen-tszjan VC24 and yes-in E5. Action it is extendable, there will be no yet a feel of a coolness and a light numbness of tongue. In the core the processes flowing in a mucosa of tongue unstrand syndrome IN, therefore pulling of energy do not make.

Gingvinit. (Disease of gums) is caused often by the same parents, as a glossitis. The same ports are involved in pathological process, but energy balance violation happens at more low level of circulation of energy for which one answers svadhistana-chakra. Therefore the action circuit remains former, but action is made by the orange bundle excreted from a flow of "pure" energy.

At a neuritis of a facial nerve at the heart of disease power engineering violation in ports of "three hot plates" and a gallbladder that is caused by power balance violation in muladhara-chakre lies. Action it is made as follows:

- We sink a flow of "pure" energy;

- From a pure current the red bundle is selected and directed to points of ages-men TR21, pond scums-gun IG19 and in-TANNINS PC3. We achieve feel of warmth, pleasant rest and relaxing of mimic face muscles.

It is not necessary raschityvat on prompt effect. Treatment should be led by courses (on 7-9 sessions) with a time-out in 1-2 weeks. Such courses lead, as a rule, not less than three. At the correct action quite good effects are gained.

At an epileptiform neuralgia there is no accurate correlation with channel system, however it is possible to attack urinary bladder and small intestine ports. Power engineering violation happens in manipura-chakre, is more rare — adzhna-chakre.

At treatment:

- We sink a flow of "pure" energy;

- From ""a pure"" flow the yellow or blue bundle (depending on selected charkas) is selected and directed to points tsuan-chzhu V2, sy-baj Е2, and yes-in Е5, is symmetric from both sides. We affect to feel of a numbness and a cool pricking in the field of cogs from the sick side. After pain removal it is necessary to spend some courses of treatment, as well as at a facial nerve neuritis.

At a genyantritis (an inflammation of an adnexal sinus of a nose) primary violation of a power balance happens at level manipura-charkas. Ports of lungs are involved in process and a liver. Action it is made as follows:

- We sink a flow of "pure" energy;

- From ""a pure"" flow the yellow bundle is selected and directed to points of pond scums-gun IG19, sy-baj Е2 and tunas-tszy-ljao VB1. We affect to feel of a dry heat in the heart of a maxilla bone. Duration of action of 5-7 minutes. After pain removal course treatment — 2-3 courses with a time-out of 1-2 weeks is necessary.

The remark:

According to the author [93], concept "pure" energy is a cumulative flow of ultrarays of the various frequencies, conditionally termed as "a white flow" for reflex of harmony of a flow.

""The pure"" energetic flow can be parted on components on flowers chakralnoj energies. It is possible to select red, orange, yellow, green, blue, cyan, violet flows. The same dividing is necessary for making mentally at treatment for action on the necessary charkas having the applicable colour frequencies of the energy.

Preliminary treatment of a state of charkas is led or by means of a framework, or distantno by an arm. At first the arm troubleshoots a blanket biofield of the person, its intensity is valued. Then by an arm it is led on a front sagittal line on some spacing interval from a skew field and in the field of a footprint of satellite beam of charkas the flow state of power engineering of everyone charkas is valued. The estimate is made qualitatively on feels. Feels can be in the form of heat, chill, a light pricking, breeze whiff, etc.

At a dry ice cryesthesia energetic action is contraindicative! An undesirable consequences for the healer is possible.

Layout of charkas and their colour correspondence are yielded in application.

Сен 25

Method maiden [99]

Method of action as well as at cystitis treatment — sedative. The patient costs a back to the healer. Action begins on field of lumbosacral and sacral department, palms of arms are converted to a body surface; apart 3-5 sm are led rotations clockwise with passage in eiloid with an extension outside. Then action prolong in the field of a belly and perineum lower part. The action method is analogous to motions of arms which one were led from a back.

The method of an energetic bleeding on akupunkturnomu to a line of longitude of an urinary bladder and a line of longitude of buds is applied. Routine concludes a heating of the reflexogenic band which are on the midpoint of spacing interval between a belly-button and a pubic bone.

Method second [71]

Prostatitis treatment is performed on a general arrangement, but with one nuance. The inflammation cue is taken out in the following provision: legs are moved apart on breadth of shoulders (in a verticality), a trunk of the patient is inclined on 45, arms lean, for example, about desktop. The healer, sitting on a chair deduces an inflammation and dropsy cue downwards, in a direction of a middle line of a trunk. Then, having tilted a trunk of the patient to a right angle, the above described reception boosts out flux of a prostatic fluid on a natural trajectory.

Adenoma of a prostate [71]

Tactics of treatment of an adenoma of a prostate depends on value of this benign tumour and from how much it impedes an emiction. The durable violation of an emiction leads to a cystitis, and it, in turn, is tracked by frequent desires and other offensive feels.

Bioenergetic treatment needs to be led specially when for any parents process is contraindicative or illogical, and also in failures from it patients.

Corrupting trying naturally adenomas ("strjahivanie negatively charged energy" by analogy to split of rocks) should be a treatment milestone at all phases of an adenoma. Then it is necessary to remove all cues of an inflammation or a dropsy — both from an adenoma, and from the upper departments of urethra and an urinary bladder. Such tactics, as a rule, leads to normalisation of an emiction, stabilising and inverse development of an adenoma.

Impotency [71]

Impotency treatment begins endways with a local power backfeed which one should be maximum powerful. It is reasonable to implement also in a biofield of sexual organs significant bioenergoinformatsionnyj "bunch" with the applicable program.

As it is known, at structure of this disease always there are two builders:

- Organic (that is is more often bound to old age, heavy blanket diseases, chronic intoxications etc.);

- Functional (the mental factor which one is often significant, and in most cases — a unique first cause).

From this it follows that the psychotherapy (a suggestion, hypnosis, lecture, etc.) plays a huge role in successful treatment sick of an impotency.

Algomenorrhea (dysmenorrhea) [99]

Painfull menses (algomenorrhea) concerns to frequent disorders of menstrual function. They are displayed variously.

Action method — sedative, the optimal time for realisation of medical course 9-10 day of a menstrual cycle. Action begins with stroking movements along a spinal column from top to down within 3-4 minutes. Then lead dispersing motions with spanning of all lumbar field, thus arms dvizhutsja towards each other. Then the field gets warm 3-4 minutes. Further action is led on the lower district frontmedian akupunkturnogo the port.

Infertility [71]

As a rule, women are converted concerning infertility after they durably (sometimes on mnogu years) do not gain desirable effect at specialists and at purpose-built centres.

The inflammation of appendages is one of the most frequent parents of infertility meeting at women. It is necessary to watch often chronic inflammations of appendages or adherent processes which one are gained owing to an inflammation. These processes lead to the fractional or complete impassability of matrix tubes, to strain by their commissures. Treatment in similar events is routed on inflammation removal.

At survey of such patients the healer should tap that side of a skew field on which one the tube is attacked less so treatment will be more effective. Besides, it is necessary to fancy, on what ovary (right or left) ootid blossoming is necessary.

Comparing data retrieveds, it is necessary to schedule treatment of the patient on the certain, optimum alternate menstrual cycle. It is necessary to achieve maximum effects of treatment to a continuance of a maturation of an ootid and after that to help its advance on a tube (reception of "a directed current of a fluid") for a risk reduction of evolution of an extrauterine pregnancy.

Primary infertility is a consequence often of an underdevelopment of the uterus, the expressed recurvature of its pin, a polycystosis of ovaries etc., but it is necessary to interfere with with hormonal violations of function of ovaries and a pituitary body more often. The greatest complication at treatment of primary infertility is introduced by detection of a first cause of disease as the main efforts of the healer should be routed on its elimination.

bioenergolechenie primary infertility — process creative also has no any certain prescriptions.

Other diseases

Rheumatic disease [74]

- To make long passy (thus mentally to wish getting rid of travails of the patient and transmission it the force and energy);

- To rise before the patient who sits in a seat blindly. To clench setpins of arms in tappets and slowly to dilute them in the sides and hill up;

- To uplift arms and to catechize tappets against a forehead of the patient, then to unclamp setpins of arms and slowly to lead palms downwards, without touching a skew field, in a direction to knees;

- To shake off setpins of arms as if shake off from them dewdrops: it you drop pathological, painfull force of the patient in room;

- The right (active) arm is in the field of an abdominal brain, the left (screen) arm in a place of originating of pains. Take them in such standing some minutes. Drop energy through a sore point. The patient should breathe at this time deeply.

Blowing-down of a bleeding and angenesis [53]

To apply only at small and ebb cuts. To make velocity power recharge of an organism. If the cut, a wound is on left side, hands the right, left arm — the detecting instrument. If to the contrary, hands left.

To take energy in an abdominal brain and to send it in both arms with mental setting: "There is the soft, salutary energy which one heat will sew a blood on a wound, will splice a wound, will recover a tissue".

To make on an expiration the soft message of energy of an abdominal brain on right hand finger tips. And then to direct its circle passami on a cut, a wound.

To produce 25-30 messages of energy. Then again to make velocity recharge and more 25-30 messages of the soft energy on a cut etc. before bleeding blowing-down.

Now it is possible to initiate with recuperation (recovery) of a chipped tissue. To produce power recharge of an organism with mental setting: "My energy rigid, as a hairline tightening a wound. My energy strong as adhesive, klejushchy a wound".

To send energy from an abdominal brain to finger tips of a right hand and to make passy over a wound, visualising mentally resulting effect: wounds are not present, cut edges are bridged without a juncture, the tissue is completely regenerated, smoothed down. To anchor energy.

After the wound was fastened down, to make velocity recharge and within 10-12 secs to handle the soft warm energy a striked section. To anchor treatment and, as always, triply to jar arms.

Decrease of a blanket tonus [99]

Action method toning up. Intense inflation of energy by sharp motions of palms of both arms is made, enveloping thus all floor space of a skew field. The exterior field of the patient is adjusted. Then as though indenting an energy pole into parietal field, the healer draws through it along a spinal column.

The partition of energy is made uniformly on all organism as a whole. Then action on the reflexogenic band termed is made by "an energy sea" which one is on two cross-section setpins below a belly-button.

Lack of appetite [99]

Action is made on epigastric field by intense rotations of palms clockwise. Eiloid motions of palms as though induct energy into field of an epigastrium with subsequent tonizatsiej akupunkturnogo a stomachal line of longitude.

Purgation [99]

Action intense. Begins with a light slow stroking clockwise all field of a belly. Gradually a traffic volume increases and is accelerated. In a prone position pressirujushchimi motions attack paintbrushes of arms and stack of the patient. The abdominal respiration, a phytotherapy Is recommended.

Сен 21

Chronic bronchitis [99].

The main symptom is the tussis boosted in cold weather, tracked by an expectoration. The patient costs the right (left) sheer plan to the healer. Palms of arms dvizhutsja from top to down lengthways skapuljarnoj and klavikuljarnoj lines with the subsequent tap knaruzhi. Lungs are as though washed out by an energy flow going to a root of a lung. Then on the floor space of layout of lungs the thorax gets warm by superimposing of arms.

After action originating of tussis with 3 till 5 mornings that grows out of the reinforced drain of bronchi is is possible.

Asthma [74]

The preparatory stage directed on mollification of the excitatory system of sick, its pression:

- To make long passy (thus mentally to wish getting rid of travails of the patient and transmission it the force and energy);

- To rise before the patient who sits in a seat blindly. To clench setpins of arms in tappets and slowly to dilute them in the sides and hill up;

- To uplift arms and to catechize tappets against a forehead of the patient, then to unclamp setpins of arms and slowly to lead palms downwards, without touching a skew field, in a direction to knees;

- To shake off setpins of arms as if shake off from them dewdrops: it you drop pathological, painfull force of the patient in room.

Treatment stage:

- The right hand is on an abdominal brain;

- The left arm, quietly touching a vertebrae, lead downwards.

Thus advise the patient not to strain a muscle and to breathe the belly heel.

Cramps, as a rule, disappear. The session lasts five minutes.

Gastrointestinal tract diseases

Gastritis chronic [99]

The patient becomes a back to the healer. 10-12 stroking movements on juxtaspinal lines are led. The patient faces the healer. Action on abdominal brain field begins. Then the arm of the functional moves clockwise in the field of an epigastrium.

On following driving it is necessary to pay special attention: are led eiloid passy by all setpins of the active arm with "pulling" outside of pathological energy.

In the end of a session — a heating palms of field of an epigastrium a contact method and a non-contact stroking of a belly and lumbar field.

Peptic ulcer [99]

For a peptic ulcer violations of secretory function of a maw and magnification of its motor function, periodically — flaws of mucosas of a maw and duodenal are characteristic. In clinic expresses pains of aching character in the field of an epigastrium. Treatment is led also, as well as at a chronic gastritis, but with more durable heating of field of an epigastrium. In the end of a session the heating is led by both arms: one arm is at epigastrium level, another — at level Th12-L1.

Dyskinesia of cholic trajectories [99]

Violation of a motor performance of a gallbladder and cholic trajectories is symptomatic displayed in the form of the hypertonicly-hyperkinetic form, the hypochondrium flows with sharp pains in right. Can be tracked by blanket vegetative reactions. The dyskinesia of cholic trajectories can be a consequence of a blanket neurosis, therefore action methods apply both toning up, and sedative.

Action begins with the complete relaxing of the excitatory system (soothing passy, see above). At relaxing reaching action by the soft smooth motions in the field of the right hypochondrium, driving of palms — clockwise begins. A time of 5-7 minutes.

Analogous motions are led in the field of an epigastrium, and then on an intestine course. From a back action is made on the reflexogenic bands which are between Th10-Th11.

Action can be added light undulations against a course of line of longitudes of a gallbladder and a liver. For improving of dump of a gallbladder was possiblly an impulse excitation on a band allocated between acanthas Th7-Th8 of vertebra. Thus setpins of an attacking arm are collected in a bundle and routed perpendicularly to an action band.

At tonic action the patient is allocated by the right sheer plan to the healer. Arms of the healer envelop field of the right hypochondrium and inverse to it from a back. pressirujushchimi passami action on a gallbladder is led. Then the heating contact or non-contact is performed by methods. Routine occupies 7-10 minutes. For effect magnification by both palms, directed parallely to a body surface, it is made 7-10 intense roundabouts directed counter-clockwise.

In treatment it is recommended tjubazh. After course realisation distantnoj therapy can use system of breathing exercises of hatha-yoga.

Cholecystitis chronic [99]

Disease is defined by a chronic recidivous inflammation of a gallbladder. In a clinical pattern of patients often trouble pains in right hypochondrium with an irradiation under the right blade.

Action method — sedative. The engineering of action is analogous to treatment of a dyskinesia of cholic trajectories, but with more durable heating of a gallbladder.

Genitourinary system

Cystitis the Method maiden [71]

Treatment of inflammatory diseases of urinary trajectories (buds, ureters, an urinary bladder, urethra) begins with local removal of cues of an inflammation.

Cystitis treatment begins with removal of a pathological cue from field of an urinary bladder, a spasmolysis. Aligning a biofield over field of this organ in case of a frequent emiction and spastic pains, to arm driving vector counter-clockwise.

Method second [99]

Action method — sedative. The patient costs a back to the healer. Action begins on field of lumbosacral department, palms of arms are converted to a body surface; apart 3-5 sm are led rotations clockwise with passage in eiloid with an extension outside. Then action prolong in the field of a belly lower part. The action method is analogous to motions of arms which one were led from a back. Routine concludes a heating of the reflexogenic band which are on the midpoint of spacing interval between a belly-button and a pubic bone.

Inflammatory diseases of buds [71]

Treatment of buds demands except removal of cues of an inflammation, additional "conducting" of a cue on a course of ureters (the direction of out flux of urine is boosted).

The local power backfeed of buds is made by the active arm behind, and then in front. Trying of magnification of secretory function of a bud by "a bunch insetting" bioenergoinformatsii in its flap is made.

Urolithiasis [71]

Urolithiasis treatment has the specificity. Depending on a level of training of the healer it is possible to try to fragment a rock which is in a bud, an ureter, an urinary bladder, "shaking off" a powerful energy flow ("a corrupting Energia") from three setpins — index, medial, untitled — the motions resembling strjahivanie from setpins of water.

If the rock has begun the driving and has stuck in a place of throat of an ureter, it is necessary to try to advance it downwards as the rock in an ureter causes an edema, and it will even more impede rock advance. In similar situations treatment begin about removal of a dropsy and trying to force through a rock in the direction of urine. Reception consists in concentration of a cue of a dropsy and its offset downwards.

Сен 15

Method maiden [99].

The patient costs a back to the healer. Arms of the healer are apart 30 sm from a body surface of the patient with palms to a back at level of 2 and 3 loin vertebra. The energy flow is as though pumped in in field of buds. Then this field gets warm by superimposing of arms. Then in the field of an anatomical footprint of satellite beam of heart stroking motions by the active arm are led. To conclude a session a thorax heating — the left arm is superimposed on the left field of a thorax, and the right field on left an arm-SCAPULAR.

After course of treatment it is possible to spend a tonic phytotherapy.

Method second [67].

The healer mentally is adjusted on heart treatment, tests and "takes out" cues from all signalling points reflective cardiac performance. Then leads blanket length passy along arms and legs for discovery of hydraulic-power canals on finger tips of the patient. The active arm the healer attacks the left eye of the patient until then yet will not experience that energy reception has concluded and tolerates the active arm for a backfeed energy of field of the right ear. Action is prolonged also until the healer will not experience that energy has ceased to be immersed. Further the arm transfers to a nucha and the backfeed is prolonged by energy before saturation. A following step the healer tolerates an arm on field of the seventh neck vertebra where alternately yields and takes out energy from a vertebrae and concludes removal of energy by an arm vibrational motion downwards to coccyx and energy reset. The last keying is iterated until then while the vertebral hydraulic-power canal will not cease to signal.

After that the hands of the healer attack a band of the left ear of the patient (yields energy), transfer to a band before the left ear and are tapped off downwards on a neck on a chest in a point allocated below the left clavicle ("a junction" point) where yields energy. Then from a point of a junction the arm goes in turn in directions:

On the left arm of the patient, on inside also drops pathological energy downwards on a paintbrush and from a paintbrush through a little finger in out of;

Assembles pathological energy from field of heart and deduces it on a belly of the patient and then drops it below a belly-button;

"Dusts" a chest band from left to right, the right subclavial field, transfers through the right arm to a back, dusts a band of cordial field on a back, transfers through the left arm to "a junction" point, on the left arm quits on a little finger and makes reset.

Then blanket equalization of a biofield of the patient.

Сен 10

Bioenergetic treatment of patients with a cordial pathology in the core is brought together to reduction and elimination of a pain, normalisation of pace of cordial abbreviations, reduction of a spastic stricture of coronary arteries, activating of metabolic processes in a cardiac muscle, relief of tanks of lungs, to pavor removal for characteristic life and to making at sick optimistic mood with firm setting on improving.


Method maiden [71].

All pathological cues from field of heart after their concentration ("reeling" on finger tips) are withdrawn through the left arm and, having transited a paintbrush sick (apart 50-60 sm), "are taken out". The Same reception withdraws irradiating pains from field of a blade, an arm etc.

When remove a cue of a spastic stricture of coronary arteries in the end of routine it is possible to note that the skin of the left paintbrush and the lower third of forearm became much more acyanotically (in comparison with a right hand). Patients thus mark sense of a light pricking (specially in setpins). Pallor of a skin of the left arm is conditioned by that the cues which have "settled" during transfer of a spastic stricture of coronary arteries have caused spastic strictures of groundwater arteries of a paintbrush and a forearm. In the end of this routine synchro-vibrational motions arms over the left shoulder joint of the patient enter in a resonance with a cue of a spastic stricture of coronary arteries. Arms slightly hold down to clothing (as though enveloping an arm) and vigorous sliding motion along an arm of the patient "pull off" cues of a spastic stricture of coronary arteries which one have settled at various levels of an arm of the patient during their "conducting" from heart. The patient thus marks that feels in an arm have returned to the initial. Within one-two minutes skin colour of the left arm is normalised. If in this time skin colour is not recovered, routine "sdergivanija" a spastic stricture cue iterate.

Method second [99].

Action begins with the complete relaxing. It is attained by a method of a stroking and chattering along all body surface. Then the patient is laid down on a couch and the same are led passy. After that in the field of a footprint of satellite beam of heart three setpins of a right hand (index, medial and untitled) lead eiloid right-hand motions with pulling outside. Thus the patient can feel a light chill in the field of a thorax. Action will add pressatsija points of Shen-men akupunkturnogo the heart port.

Myocardial infarction [71]

Bioenergetic treatment of infarcts is led as additional action against medicamental therapy.

For removal of spastic strictures of coronary tanks at an acute myocardial infarction events as it is pointed in a method maiden at cardialgias are carried out. These manage to diminish considerably a band of an unstranding necrosis.

During treatment of a "green" infarct it is necessary figuratively to itself to introduce, as extend spazmirovannye tanks, capillary tubes, are unclosed "thoroughfare tracks" (collaterals) round an infarct band, small thrombi of tanks cardiac muscle operation is diluted, refined.

The same receptions render a favorable effect at all phases of an infarct.

At supertension in a small circle krooobrashchenija [71]

Some diseases of heart lead to rising of bulk and pression of a blood in tanks of lungs that impedes cardiac performance. Cues of a similar state in the form of gravity and a dull ache withdraw through the left arm. Thus the patient has in an arm a feel of the expressed gravity. Skin colour on the lower third of forearm and a paintbrush becomes cyanotic. If this keying lasts more longly there is a puffiness of a paintbrush and a forearm. Cyanosis and puffiness of the left arm speak that in it there is a venous stagnation and an edema which one are conditioned by the power informational significance of cues where they have caused analogous changes of tanks. These cues "are pulled off" from an arm as it is pointed above.

It is follow-up possible to apply a procedure "makings of a sense of current of a fluid" (bloods) from centre to a rim on all four extremities.

Technically the procedure consists in the following: half-opened (in a direction to a rim) a palm light vibrational motions, having entered in a resonance with a cue of "blood out flux" (on rim veins), motions along finiteness make. In a direction from centre the palm goes with a strain, as though shutting down blood driving on veins, in a direction to centre — is free. It is possible to Become successful only in the event that the strong desire of the healer is inserted to arm driving: "to Lock blood out flux on veins!" And firm reliance of the activities.

Arrhythmia, Bouveret’s disease [71]

Normalisation of number of cordial abbreviations is made by following reception. The active arm over heart field commits roundabouts which one speed is spotted by cordial pace. Imitating motions frequency of pace of cordial abbreviations, the arm enters in a resonance with this cue. Then, accelerating or decelerating travelling speed of an arm, impose to heart the necessary pace. The effect of treatment is boosted, if at this keying with the mental command "the imposed pace" in the form of "bunch" bioenergoinformatsii is inducted into a heart biofield.

Thus it is possible to treat successfully patients, including with a Bouveret’s disease (when sessions are led, as a rule, not during an attack).

Hearts suffering affliction by diseases test often sensation of fear for characteristic life, are afraid of superfluous movements. They retire into himself/herself, in illness. Such psychologic spirit leads to attention bracing only on the painfull feels and to an exaggerated estimate of gravity of the disease, and it, in turn, contributes in originating of attacks of a pain or pace malfunction at one thought on the active conduct of life.

Parallely with bioenergetic treatment it is necessary to spend psychotherapeutic correction of neurotic implications of patients with such pathology.

Сен 7

Headache. A method maiden [71].

Periodically troubles практичеcки all people. It usually is response to any state of an organism (an emotional or physical strain, fatique, a sleeplessness, response to jump of environmental factors). In similar events the headache is tolerant, troubles rather rarely and, as a rule, is not worthy.

The frequent headache is implication of any disease. In similar events treatment should be routed on elimination of a basic disease which one is displayed in the form of a headache.

Irrespective of the parent which have caused a headache, it is necessary to adhere to the above described general arrangement of treatment.

In the beginning take out cues of a headache from that side of a head where the pain is felt, then delete the remained single cues, being moved clockwise round the patient. After the patient has marked alleviating, it is necessary to initiate with treatment of a first cause of a headache which one demands special bioenergetic receptions.

Let’s consider some additional receptions to basic circuitry of treatment. At a heightened intracranial pressure over a head discover a particular cue which one to a brake is taped on centerline of a head and in a forehead top hamper. "Having wound" on finger tips, smooth motion withdraw a cue on head centerline back and on a vertebrae to a sacrum where the cue needs to be removed from an arm. Keying is iterated some times, then over a forehead a palm of the active arm make vibrational motions, achieving signing on a resonance with intracranial pressure oscillations. "Having nested" in an arm the information in the form of the command: "to Withdraw an intracranial pressure!" And slightly straining an arm for magnification of the mental command, make some movements on featured above a path.

During equalization of weeding the palm which is from a back, should save a standing "cabin". After that trying of abandonment of a first cause of a heightened intracranial pressure — commissures after the tolerated inflammations of a meninx (an arachnoiditis, a meningitis), injuries of a skull, a congenital hydrocephaly etc. is made

At change of a tonus of tanks of a brain (a spastic stricture, the extension) a pain has intense character, quite often leading to a temporary invalidity; most often meet in bunch of the diseases named by a migraine.

Disease cues (are routinely notable as the expressed pain and oscillation) are withdrawn from a head through a neck, then any arm or a back then are taken out. One of the characteristic nuances of treatment is the powerful local power backfeed. We apply such reception: the patient sits on a chair, the healer is allocated behind and the palms holds down over parietofrontal fields of the patient; the abdominal brain of the healer appears apart 5-10 sm from a nucha of the patient. The powerful energy flow which is starting with an abdominal brain, regulated moves with breath.

At a headache caused by a neuralgia trigeminal or occipital nerves, the expressed cues of a pain (localised in exit points of nerves: over and under an orbit, in the nucha heel, sometimes in the field of a cochlea tragus) are taken out by customary methods. It is possible to refer the following to treatment singularities:

- After removal of a cue to was possiblly low level, it is reasonable to spend a little passov "intercellular lymph tap" (dropsy) from a nerve over a point of its output in a direction of centre of a head;

- In nerve exit point the powerful power backfeed by finger tips from two parallel paintbrushes is yielded. To reach proof effect of treatment at all types of a headache usually it is possible for 4-7 sessions.

At a concomitant cervical osteochondrosis manipulation is led.

Method second [6,154].

Removal of painful cues is performed by finger tips of the active arm, is simultaneous it and gives energy. Driving of the active arm — spiral clockwise. In the beginning make wide ranges which one are gradually narrowed down, and the arm is taken aside. In the end light soft reset of the trapped cue. The screening arm commits at this time vibrational motions in clock period of the active arm that enlarges energy arrival. But the arm can remain and nonmotile.

In an initiation painful cues are taken out from that side of a head where the pain is felt. The active arm is seated from painful cues, and screening — with inverse.

Spiral motions of the active arm are fulfilled only at removal of a painful cue (in the presence of connection between arms). If setpins "have lost touch" treatment does not yield positive effect.

Having taken out painful cues from the main nucleation site for of disease, arms start to be moved clockwise and to take out all discovered painful cues.

If the pristine headache has transited, anchor effect of treatment. It is attained by accomplishment of the vigorous vibrational motions committed round a head. When the pain is the secondary implication of any disease (the hypertonia, a hypotension, an inflammation of appendages etc.), after removal of painful cues from a head is led basic disease treatment. In an event when the basic disease is already spotted, treatment is better for beginning with it.

Method third [99].

The migraine is defined subitaneously originating krovo — and the liquorodynamic violations tracked by attacks of a headache which one to a brake are localised in frontotemporal field.

The patient takes seat in friend for it a position. Action begins with the smooth stroking directed from a forehead to a nucha over a pilose part of a head. Thus often patients mark relocation of the painful nucleation site for in nucha field. The healer should achieve a nucleation site for reduction of area, as though to focus a pain in one point. Then eiloid motions, winding on hands setpins, the pain "is drawn out" outside. Further vibrating and undulations all floor space of a head is enveloped. Then the patient rises and on all floor space of a back soft are from top to down led passy. The session concludes the complete relaxing of the patient on a couch.

Method fourth [53]

To send energy on a palm of arms. At the right-handed person the left arm — the detecting instrument (at the lefthander — to the contrary), right — hands. If the pain in the field of frontal lobes, the left arm is allocated in the field of a nucha apart 5-7 sm from a head, a right hand — on the same spacing interval in the field of frontal lobes. By a right hand make passy clockwise, sending energy as though diving through through a head. In the left arm you will feel a light pricking. If you close down at this time eyes, beforehand having looked at frontal lobes, you can see them in the form of milk maculae on which one there will be dark districts (it bolevidnye maculae). Visualise them blindly, prolonging to send energy in the right and left arms, sating maculae before their complete extinction. When there will be an easly milk hum, operation to conclude, having anchored energy. After a health care delivery of a paintbrush of arms triply shake off and wash.

Hypertonia the Method maiden [71].

To reach proof positive takes at treatment it is possible in the core at the maiden and second phases of a hypertonia. Along with keyings for decrease of an arterial pressure, which one can be conditioned by a basic disease (buds, tanks, hearts, hemadens), lead bioenergolechenie first causes.

To reduce an arterial pressure follows to that level at which one the patient feels normally ("working" pression).

With that end in view carry out two targeted events: reallocation krovenapolnenija from tanks of a head and a chest in tanks of an abdominal cavity and extremities, decrease of a blanket tonus of tanks and normalisation of activity of a vasomotor centre.

Decrease krovenapolnenija in brain and chest tanks is performed by a serial of active passov from top to down, along all skew field from a head to a belly and more low. Palms at keying accomplishment occupy a standing "cabin". The active arm moves along a vertebrae, screening — in step in front. Such motions iterate some times, mentally inserting to them the command to arms: "to Withdraw a blood in the lower half of trunk and finiteness!".

The cue of supertension in the form of "lump" on a nucha is withdrawn on a vertebrae downwards and below coccyx level is taken out.

During a blanket power backfeed of a palm save a standing "cabin".

For normalisation of activity of centre of a vascular tonus at a stage of equalization of a biofield it is necessary to fancy figuratively that veins extend also this standing is anchored.

Once again we want to resemble, what even at proof positive takes of bioenergetic action the attending physician should perform correction of medicamental therapy.

Method second [99]

Course of treatment begins with relaxing of the patient. For this purpose the patient is offered to lay down, then light vibratile motions during 2-3 mines lead passy over a pilose part of a head. Then the healer makes a non-contact stroking in front field of a head directional motions lengthways nadbrovnyh arcs. Thus setpins are moved slightly apart. After that it is recommended to add treatment by a contact method of action at which one the right hand is superimposed on parietal field of a head, and left on a forehead of the patient.

Course of treatment can be added a phytotherapy and sokolecheniem.

Method third [6,154]

Temporary removal of a blood pressure is attained by tap of a part of a blood from vascular system of a head in field of a small foot bath. It is performed by accomplishment by arms of a serial of active passov from top to down along a skew field from a head to coccyx palms, descending on driving of arms. The active arm goes along a vertebrae, and screening — from a chest. Below or "ungear" energy, or palms tear "cabin". Then palms rise in an at-rest position.

In the course of treatment introduce, as under the influence of your palms the blood is reallocated in field of a small foot bath. Do not apply this method at treatment of pregnant women as it can cause an abortion.

Method fourth [6,154]

The active arm — on a forehead, and screening — ground skulls. After the energetic field will be shorted, by a screening arm make eiloid motions from top to down on a vertebrae from a nucha to coccyx, and in the end with field reset. But steady effects are attained only at basic disease treatment. For example, at a renal hypertonia buds on a standard draught in the beginning are treated.

Method the fifth [53]

Allocate the patient (it is desirable standing) a back north-up. Warm up (triturate) arms, send energy in both arms. Left (detecting instrument) is allocated apart 5 sm in the field of a forehead. Right (hands) — in the field of a nucha. Send an internal energy on finger tips of arms. The left arm feels a light pricking. In a right hand send still a larger amount of energy, directing it to occipital field of a brain, mentally introducing that the energy flow can direct a blood downwards on a vertebrae to a small foot bath. Simultaneously a right hand during this moment lead downwards on a vertebrae to coccyx.

Do this process of 15-20 times before pression normalisation. Anchor treatment; triply jar arms.

Method sixth [74]

The preparatory stage directed on mollification of the excitatory system of sick, its pression:

- To make long passy (thus mentally to wish getting rid of travails of the patient and transmission it the force and energy);

- To rise before the patient who sits in a seat blindly. To clench setpins of arms in tappets and slowly to dilute them in the sides and hill up;

- To uplift arms and to catechize tappets against a forehead of the patient, then to unclamp setpins of arms and slowly to lead palms downwards, without touching a skew field, in a direction to knees;

- To shake off setpins of arms as if shake off from them dewdrops: it you drop pathological, painfull force of the patient in room.

Treatment stage:

- A right hand on a nucha, left — near a sacrum;

- To spend finger tips on a skull, hardly touching it, in a nucha direction, having reached the maiden neck vertebra, driving stops.

Thanks to it the strain in a skull is diminished, and return — threshold pression is enlarged by nerve terminations on which one the pain depended. The session lasts five minutes.

Hypotension. A method maiden [71].

Low pressure cue at a hypotension from forehead field to lead out on centerline back and on a vertebrae where it needs to be removed lighter. Then in field of localisation of a cue of disease the powerful power backfeed is led. Equalization of a biofield of the patient is made by "open" palms, with the mental command: "the Tonus of tanks is increased!".

In presyncopal states which one are connected to decrease of bulk of a cerebral blood flow, perform a serial of active passov bottom-up, channelizing primary krovonapolnenija chest and brain tanks. Thus palms, naturally, are torn.

Method second [6,154].

The blood pressure is aligned by submission of a blood from field of a small foot bath hill up on central groundwater arteries. It is attained by accomplishment of a serial intense passov, the arms directed bottom-up by palms, torn towards driving. The active arm transits along a vertebrae, and screening — from a chest. Introduce that you palms rake in and give hill up blood masses.

Method third [6,154].

The active arm on a forehead, screening ground a nucha. When between palms of arms the energy flow was installed, the screening arm is tolerated on coccyx field. Then the screening arm begins spiral driving along a vertebrae bottom-up to a base of skull. Such motions make repeated some times.

Method fourth [99].

Stimulation of vascular system happens through a lien. Thus the patient costs the left sheer plan to the healer, the left arm is at level IX-X mezhreberja, a right hand, accordingly, too on IX-X. Opposing traffics of palms of arms and a body surface are made, thus the energy flow is as though indented into a lien. Action is led 2-3 minutes.

Method the fifth [99].

The patient is in a lying standing. Pump is made as follows: arms are superimposed against each other and from spacing interval of 35-40 sm are sinked by a heavy traffic to the left hypochondrium. Then arms rise also motions are iterated again. After that energy is arranged by 5-6th motions of arms on volume basis liens. Further we initiate with action on akupunkturnyj the lien-pancreas port. Driving direction

- Tsentrostremitel th. Action stroking, driving of both arms the synchronous. A time of action of 5 minutes. Then upward movements an arm-chest of department of a vertebrae are led. The energy flow is as though jogged hill up. It is thus increased vazomotorika tanks and, as a rule, the arterial pressure is stabilised. Subjectively the patient feels energy and heat "inflow", rising of a blanket tonus.

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